FYM Jovia

FYM Jovia Socket - White, Black, Dark Silver


Enhance your electrical connections with the frameless and borderless FYM Jovia Sockets. Choose from single and double options in white, black, and dark silver. Perfect blend of functionality and style.

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Color: White

• Detect the different charging configurations used by different device manufacturers for optimal charging efficiency
• Safety Mark Certified ✅

• Single socket: 8.6cm x 8.6cm
• Double socket: 8.6cm x 14cm

We partner with experienced verified installers for switch and socket installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: Do you sell FYM Jovia Socket mounting boxes?
Answer: The mounting boxes that we sell are compatible with all brands

Q2: Is the Schneider Electric Weatherproof Socket Cover compatible with FYM Jovia Socket?
Answer: Yes, it would be compatible

Q3: Do you provide switches & socket installation?
Answer: Yes, we do. We work with experienced contractors who provide installation service for switches, sockets, lights and fans.

Please reach out to us personally for installation quotation. Kindly provide pictures of installation site for advice.

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