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Philips GU5.3 50W Halogen Bulb Essential MR16 12V


Discover the brilliance of Philips GU5.3 Halogen Bulb, the perfect lighting solution for your space. Philips combines exceptional quality and energy efficiency in this LED light bulb. Illuminate your surroundings with the trusted brand - Philips. Upgrade to this high-performance light bulb today!

• Wattage: 50W
• Color Temperature: Warm White (3000K)
• Light Features: Energy saving
• Voltage: 12V
• Rated lifetime: 2000hrs
• Beam angle: 36 Degree
• Fitting : GU5.3/ MR16

Fitting : GU5.3/ MR16

We partner with experienced verified installers for light installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

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