KDK 15 / 20 WUD Exhaust Fan


Introducing the KDK Exhaust Fan, available in 15 WUD and 20 WUD models. Designed with a metallic shutter axis, it's perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Improve ventilation and create a fresh environment.

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• Speed: 1 level

• Designed to fit well with your luxurious home space
• Well Performance Motor with Long Life Bearing
• Advanced Blade Design that delivers strong air circulation at low noise level
• Metallic Shutter Axis
• IPX4 Water Resistant Standard
• Suitable for Bathroom, kitchen

• New electrical points
• False Ceiling

1. First trip for assessment and measurement of existing window panel.
2. Preparation of heavy duty acrylic panel ( customization of the sizing to the household's panel)
3. Installation of exhaust fan- will be tapping to existing electrical point or from nearby lighting or heater point. Note that wiring is non-conceal type.

*Kindly please reach out to the customer care team on your case before purchase, this is to ensure the right option is being selected.

*Installation is done by trusted external fan contractors. We verify the fan contractors' profiles before partnering with them. For post fan installation issues, the contractors will provide support to you.

• Safety Mark Certified ✅
• Safety No.: 181167-11

We partner with experienced verified installers for fan installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: Do you provide fan installation?
Answer: Yes, we do. We work with experienced contractors who provide installation service for fans, switches, sockets and lights.
Please reach out to us personally for installation quotations. Kindly provide pictures of the installation site for advice.

Q2: Can the original HDB glass window be cut on-site?
Answer: Yes, the installer we have partnered with is a glass specialist, who is highly sought after for glass fan installation because of his great craftsmanship

Q3: How will the installation process be like for shutter window?
Answer: The shutter of your window will be removed and need to be replaced by acrylic.

Q4: How long is the default 3 pin plug cable for KDK exhaust fan?
Answer: The KDK exhaust fan doesn't have it in a 3 pin plug. You will require an electrician to install the exhaust fan

Q5: Is KDK fan effective in removing second hand smoke coming into my toilets from my neighbours? Or does it prevent that?
Answer: It removes smoke from the inside not outside. According to our experienced installers, they mentioned that the exhaust fan is not designed for that purpose so likely not possible.

Q6: Is the condo mcst approval needed to change the window panel to acrylic for installation?
Answer: You may ask for approval from Condo Management on exhaust fan installation if you need assurance.

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