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[With Installation] KDK 15 / 20 WHPCT Exhaust Fan Ventilating Fan


Introducing the KDK Exhaust Fan, featuring the 15 WHPCT and 20 WHCT models. With advanced blade design, it ensures optimal airflow for bathrooms and kitchens. Enjoy easy installation included for a hassle-free experience.

Click here for KDK 15/20 WHPCT Exhaust Fan only. 

• Hood & Bent End Shutter for Rain Proof
• Louver Series
• HP Condenser Motor
• Advanced Blade Design
• Modern Design

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• SG Safety Mark Certified ✅

• Authorised dealer of KDK fan
• 1-year warranty from local KDK manufacturer

We partner with experienced verified installers for fan installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: I need the ventilation fan with installation, what do you recommend?
Answer: For exhaust fan installation quotation/ advice, pls provide following info:

We would need a picture of your window with measurements in CM
(clearly stated on the picture)

Afterwhich, we will be able to better advise the suitable fan model and installation for your home space 🙂

Q2: What is the warranty for KDK?
Answer: The warranty coverage for all KDK fan is 1 year. For any technical problem experienced to the fan, please contact KDK for assistance.
Contact details can be found here:

Q3: What is the general task of installation?
Answer: 1. Remove and customize cut the window panel
2. Insert the new customised panel with fan
3. Tap fan to the nearest light point

Fan and light will be controlled by the same gang switch. We do not provide installation with new light point at the moment.

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