KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan


Elevate your space with the KDK M60SG Ceiling Fan. Ranging from 9 inch to 22inch, available in white or black, it features a 5-level speed control. Designed for ceilings 3.0m and above, it delivers optimal cooling and style.

Click here for the Posco Peak Universal Remote Control. 

Color: White

• Recommended for ceiling height 3.0m and above.

• Speed: 5 levels
• Metal blade
• AC Motor
• Minimalistic design
• Design to blend well with your luxurious home space

• Safety Mark Certified ✅
• Safety No.: 101595-11

We partner with experienced verified installers for fan installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: Do you install ceiling fans and how much is the installation fee?
Answer: Ceiling fan installation is additional $60 for 2.9m ceiling height and under (with existing electrical points and non-false ceiling) and $70 for 3.0m ceiling height and above (with existing electrical points and non-false ceiling)
Please confirm your ceiling height so we can properly arrange the installation.

Q2: What is the warranty for KDK?
Answer: The warranty coverage for all KDK fan is 1 year. For any technical problem experienced to the fan, please contact KDK for assistance.
Contact details can be found here: https://www.kdk.sg/contact-us

Q3 : What is the difference between AC and DC fans?
Answer: AC ceiling fans are a smart choice for budget-conscious shoppers since fans tend to be cheaper. DC ceiling fans are a smart choice for people focused on efficiency and energy savings.

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