Legrand Galion

Legrand Galion Heater Switch


Introducing the Legrand Galion Heater Switch, available in 1 gang 1 way and 1 gang 2 way options. Choose from White, Dark Silver, Champagne, and Rose Gold finishes. Elevate your space with style and control.

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Color: White

• Legrand Galion Heater Switch (1 gang and 2 gang)
• Heater switch: Double Pole
• Suitability: Heater. Also compatible for Hobs and Oven control

• Minimalistic design, French inspired.
• Design to blend well with your luxurious home space
• Color: White, Silver, Champagne & Rose Gold

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• Safety Mark Certified

• 8.6cm x 8.6cm

We partner with experienced verified installers for switch and socket installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: Is the light indicator still supposed to light up when turned off?
Answer: No, it should only light up when turned on. It is very likely that the switch has been connected wrongly in this case.

Q2: Do you have oven/hob switches?
Answer: Water heater switch 15A/20A can be used for oven/hob switches :)

Q3: Can this heater switch function as oven/hob switch?
Answer: Yes, this heater switch can be a substitute for oven/hob switches

Q4: Do you have heater switch with heater wording on it?
Answer: Yes, we do have various switches with wording on it. Do reach out to us privately for quotation.

Q5: Is the Legrand Galion Heater Switch compatible with the mounting box?
Answer: Yes, generally universal and standard sizing

Q6: What is the difference between the 1 gang 1 way and 1 gang 2 way?
Answer: 1 way means you can switch off the light only from 1 location. However there are some people who would like to control the same heater from 2 different locations. That's when you get 2 way. You may get two 2 way switches and put them each at a spot you think would be best. 😊

Q7: Can I buy a 2 way switch if my current switch is 1 way?
Answer: That will depend on your home requirement. For the best advice, please consult an electrician for a close assessment

Q8: Is Legrand Galion Heater Switch silent?
Answer: It is difficult to determine how quiet it can be since it is a subjective matter and almost all switches make a click sound when pressed

Q9: Do you provide switches & socket installation?
Answer: Yes, we do. We work with experienced contractors who provide installation service for switches, sockets, lights and fans.

Please reach out to us personally for installation quotation. Kindly provide pictures of installation site for advice.

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