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Oxford LED Diffuser Track Light 20W Black White


Discover the versatility of our Diffuser Track Light. This LED lighting solution combines functionality and style, providing customizable illumination for any space. Elevate your decor with our modern track light. Experience the power of dynamic lighting today.

Click here for the aluminium rail for track light.

Color: White

• Modern minimalistic LED light which elevates the living space
• Made up of high-quality materials
• Suitable Place: Bedroom, Meeting Room, Kitchen, Study Room
• Ultra thin

34.2cm x 3.3cm

We partner with experienced verified installers for light installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: What is the warranty for lights?
Answer: The warranty period for lights is 6 months if the item is found to be technically defective after an inspection by the technical team. It is covered under the in-store 1-to-1 exchange.

Q2: Can the Led Light panel be replaced with new ones after it spoils?
Answer: No, the light source for this light is fixed. Once spoiled, the entire light must be replaced

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