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Philips 2ft 3ft 7W 10.6W T5 LED Integrated Light Tube Cabinet light


• Light Luminous Flux
• 7W : 600m
• 10.6W : 900lm
• 14W : 1200lm

• Light Colour: Warm White, Cool White, Daylight (refer to product image for illumination reference)

• Single and double head cable

• 2pin
• Available Dimensions: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft (refer to shop other product listing for 4ft)
• Available watt: 7W (2 ft) 10.6W (3 ft) 14W (4 ft) (refer to shop other product listing)
• Head cable / connector is not included in the package (sold separately)

We partner with experienced verified installers for light installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: Does the Philips T5 LED integrated Light tube come with the head cable?
Answer: All market Philip packages do not come with the head cable.

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