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Premium LED strip light 5050 5M 12V Cove light


Experience vibrant lighting with our 5050 LED Light Strip. Add a touch of color and ambiance to any space. Create stunning visual effects and customize your lighting to suit your mood. Shop now for high-quality LED lights that will transform your environment. Illuminate your world with our premium lighting solutions.

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• Light color : Warm White and Cool White
• Suitable for false ceiling with seamless beautiful light glow
• Flexible body
• 5 meter long, can be cut into shorter strip

1m to 2m + 3.33A Driver
3m to 4m + 5A Driver
5m to 7m + 8.33A Driver
8m to 11m + 12.5A Driver

We partner with experienced verified installers for light installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: What is the driver for?
Answer: The LED drivers provide protection to the LED bulbs against current and voltage fluctuations

Q2: Can we DIY for this?
Answer: Yes, 5050 strip is relatively much easier to cut and join compared to COB stripe, since COB requires soldering. Soldering is a process used to join different types of metals together by melting solder. One needs to have electrical expertise to solder.

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