Schneider Electric Vivace

Schneider Electric Vivace Telephone Socket


Enhance your communication setup with the Schneider Electric Vivace Telephone Socket. Designed in classic white, it seamlessly blends into any space. Connect and stay connected.

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Color: White

• Clean, geometrically balanced design.
• Built to perfectly complement the modern lifestyle.

• Safety Mark Certified ✔️

• Single socket: 8.6cm x 8.6cm
• Double socket: 8.6cm x 14.6cm

We partner with experienced verified installers for switch and socket installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

Q1: Do you have a RJ45 for data and telephone sockets?
Answer: Yes, we do. The Cat6 RJ11 is for telephone.

Q2: Is RJ45 the same as CAT6?
Answer: RJ45 is a connector, while CAT6 is a Cable, and both are used for the Ethernet network. RJ45 comes with eight pins - four apparent colors and the other four in stripes, where four only work for Ethernet. CAT6 has six pins in different colors, including the connection to Ethernet.

Q3: Is the Schneider Electric Vivace Telephone Socket compatible with the mounting box?
Answer: Yes, generally universal and standard sizing

Q4: Do you sell Schneider Electric Vivace Telephone Socket mounting boxes?
Answer: The mounting boxes that we sell are compatible with all brands

Q5: Do you provide switches & socket installation?
Answer: Yes, we do. We work with experienced contractors who provide installation service for switches, sockets, lights and fans.

Please reach out to us personally for installation quotation. Kindly provide pictures of installation site for advice.

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