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Theben 24 Hours Segment Time Switch 13A Plug


Efficiently manage your lighting with the Theben 24 Hours Segment Time Switch. This reliable switch allows you to schedule your lighting for optimal convenience and energy savings. Take control of your lighting needs with this advanced time switch.

• Operating Temp: 0˚C to 40°C
• Switch Rating: 240V AC
• 13 amp resistive (3 kW)
• 4 amp inductive
• Operating voltage: 220-250V AC/50 Hz
• Simple to program and operate
• Plug-in control for all 13A applicances and lamps
• Plugs straight into socket
• 15 minute switching intervals
• Compact, robust design
• Can be used to control: Lightings, Heating, cooling, ventilation, Pool/Spa equipment, Charging of phones, etc


We partner with experienced verified installers for switch and socket installation, for installation service, contact us for more details.

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